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1) National standard ISIRI 6027-1“Pressure regulators and associated safety devices for gas appliances. Pressure regulators for inlet pressures up to and including 50kPa (500 mbar)” according to BS EN 88-1: 2011+A1:2016

2) National standard ISIRI 4512 “Multifunctional controls for gas burning appliances” according to BS EN 126:1995

3) National standard ISIRI 8876 “Thermocouple for flame supervision devices”

4) National standard ISIRI 22107 “Safety and control devices for burners and appliances burning gaseous and/or liquid fuels- General requirements” according to BS EN 13611:2015+AC: 2016



 گواهینامه ها SETAAK Co ايران, ALL.BIZ: ايران